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OIA Sports Fans Score with Hawaiimoji 2.0 by Bank of Hawaii

Friday, August 11, 2017


This Oahu Interscholastic Association (OIA) sports season there is a new way to represent your school pride—with Bank of Hawaii’s OIA stickers, exclusively available through the Hawaiimoji App.

Bank of Hawaii first brought island flare to the social scene in 2016, introducing the Hawaiimoji App that features emojis, including pink plumeria, an aloha shirt, surfboard and ‘ukulele. Bank of Hawaii’s most recent update introduces a set of 8 new stickers and 26 OIA high school logos that will have fans cheering in the stands and on their phones.

iPhone users can now add Hawaiimoji stickers into the iMessage App for quick and easy access. Watch Bank of Hawaii’s “Say it With Hawaiimoji” video to see how you can root for your favorite team, add some flavor to tailgate plans, share your local favorites and more through text.

The new stickers also serve a second purpose: to rally support for local high schools and their student athletes The Bank of Hawaii Hawaiimoji Blitz texting contest was created to support athletic departments of the OIA. Each week, with the exception of Aug. 21, OIA high school teams will be selected to enter the Hawaiimoji Blitz contest. The school with the highest usage of its logo sticker through the Hawaiimoji App in iMessage, during the entry period, will be awarded $2,000 from Bank of Hawaii. The runner up will win $500 as a consolation prize. In total, all 22 high schools competing in the OIA regular varsity football season will receive funds in support of their athletic departments. All winners will be announced during halftime at each game as well as via Bank of Hawaii’s Facebook page.

The winning schools of the regular season contest will qualify for the Hawaiimoji Blitz Championship Playoffs, to be held Oct. 15 through Oct. 27. During the playoff season, the team with the highest usage of its logo sticker through the Hawaiimoji App in iMessage will win $10,000 for its athletic department.

“High school sports are a time-honored tradition in our community, which makes the OIA stickers a perfect addition to the Hawaiimoji App,” said Susan Ing, Bank of Hawaii’s senior executive vice president and Chief Marketing Officer. “We hope this friendly social media competition will be a fun new way for the community to show their school pride and support Hawaii’s high school students.”

Hawaiimoji is a one-stop App for local stickers—spam musubi, the humuhumunukunukuapua‘a, loco moco, and the shaka are also included in the 63 sticker selection. Hawaiimoji is currently available for download through Google Play for Android users. Bank of Hawaii will continue to create additional images that represent Hawaii culture.