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PM Realty Group Selected as Broker To Market Galbraith Land in Central Oahu

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Honolulu, Hawaii (July 8, 2008) - PM Realty Group (PMRG) has been retained by Bank of Hawaii, trustee for the George Galbraith Trust, to market the Trust’s approximately 2,100 acres of agricultural land in central Oahu.  The property, which is zoned Ag-1, will be marketed locally and internationally and go on the market July 28, 2008.

PMRG was selected for its familiarity with the property and the extensive preliminary work it did in researching the land, related issues and its knowledge of the Hawaii real estate market.  The firm, which has completed prior transactions involving agricultural lands, has an international network.  

The lands are part of the George Galbraith Trust, which was created in 1904 for the benefit of Mr. Galbraith’s heirs.  Although the Trust terminated in April 2007, the Trustee continues to be responsible for the trust assets until the sale of assets and distribution of proceeds are completed.  The lands are located roughly in the area between Lake Wilson (Wahiawa Reservoir), Schofield Barracks and Wahiawa.  The property also includes a portion of the land underneath Lake Wilson but not the lake itself. 
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