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Live Kōkua Community Walk

Live Kokua Community Walk

On Saturday, June 2, Bank of Hawaii held its 12th annual Community Walk at Hawaii Convention Center to benefit three nonprofit organizations whose missions center around education, youth and environment. Employees selected the walk’s beneficiaries through online voting, and then raised a total of $101,500 in donations for Helping Hands Hawai‘i, Honolulu Theatre for Youth and Women’s Fund of Hawai‘i.

2019 Bank of Hawaii Live Kokua Community Walk

Donations for Bank of Hawaii’s 12th annual Live Kōkua Community Walk will be divided equally among the following three nonprofits:

  • Helping Hands Hawai‘i is dedicated to developing a community of self-sufficiency and resilience by providing guidance, household goods and opportunities for empowerment and connection.
  • Honolulu Theatre For Youth believes that drama education and theatre are unique, socially-based education and art forms that help their participants and audiences walk in the shoes of others, expand their imaginations, and enrich their lives.
  • Women’s Fund of Hawaii is committed to helping women and girls overcome social and economic barriers, because when women are safe, healthy, and economically secure, then families and communities are too.

Bank of Hawaii’s annual community walk supports nonprofits unable to conduct their own fundraising walks. From 2007 to 2017, Bank of Hawaii employees have raised more than $1.5 million through its community walk, benefitting a total of 97 organizations.

The Bank of Hawaii Live Kōkua Giving Campaign is just one of many community efforts in which Bank of Hawaii participates throughout the year. Bank of Hawaii’s Bankoh Blue Crew volunteers are out in the community almost every weekend. In 2017, Bank of Hawaii volunteers donated over 16,135 hours of their time to 359 community service projects.