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Improve cash flow and conserve cash resources.

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It makes good sense to lease your company’s business equipment. An equipment lease1 improves your cash flow and conserves your cash resources. And no one’s better at the business of leasing than Bank of Hawaii Equipment Leasing.

What do we finance?

We provide financing for a wide variety of your equipment needs, including the following:
  • Computers
  • Telephone systems
  • Office equipment and furniture
  • Medical and dental equipment
  • Store and warehouse equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Hotel equipment and furnishings
  • Alternative energy and energy efficient equipment
  • Commercial trucks, automobiles and trailers
1. All leases are subject to credit approval. Some applications require additional information, see application form for details.

True Lease (also known as a tax-oriented lease) provides you with:

  • Lower monthly payments: the tax benefits that we take are passed along to you
  • Tax deductibility of lease payments.2
  • End of lease options: Purchase the equipment at fair market value
  • Return the equipment to us
  • Continue to rent the equipment on a monthly basis
  • TRAC Lease (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause): When acquiring commercial vehicles, including trucks, trailers, cars and vans, this lease features
  • Lower monthly payments: In addition to the tax benefits that are passed along to you, lease payments are typically tax deductible2
  • A purchase option amount that you know and is set when the lease begins. At the end of the lease, you have the option to purchase the vehicle for the TRAC residual amount. If you choose not to purchase, then the vehicle is sold to a third party. If the sale proceeds are more than the TRAC amount, then you receive the difference. If the sale proceeds are less than the TRAC amount, then you pay us the difference
  • There are no mileage restrictions or charges

Lease Purchase (Also known as a finance lease or capital lease) provides you with:

  • Fixed monthly payments: No having to guess what your payment will be from month to month
  • End of lease options: At the start of the lease, you choose which final payment best suits your needs
  • Payment of $1.00
  • Balloon payment based on a percentage of the financed amount, which provides you with lower payments3
2. Consult your tax advisor for more specific information.
3. Not eligible for all types of equipment or terms. The balloon payment is a required payment.