What Bank of Hawaii Does to Protect You

Bank of Hawaii uses the latest technology - including cryptographic techniques, firewalls, and trusted operating systems - to ensure that your Internet transactions with Bank of Hawaii are secure and tamper-proof.

Online Banking

  • We employ advanced electronic data encryption to provide privacy for the data flowing between your computer and our online server.
  • You will see a lock icon, usually located in the browser’s web address bar, which indicates that encryption is activated.  If the icon appears to be unlocked, then encryption is not being used and the current session is not secure. Additionally, make sure that you are at www.boh.com.*

Mobile Banking

Our Mobile Banking service utilizes best practices from online banking.
  • Your account data is never stored on your device, and the information transmitted from the app to our server is secured with advanced electronic data encryption.
  • You will automatically be signed out of your mobile banking session when your device is not in use.
  • Only devices that you personally enroll in the service can access your accounts. If you are using a new device that has not been enrolled, you will be required to go through an extra validation step when signing on.
  • In the event your device is lost or stolen, the service can immediately be disabled by logging into e-Bankoh Online Banking or by calling the Customer Service Center.

*If you would like to ensure that your connection is encrypted, click on the lock or key icon located in the address bar. You will generally be given the option to view information about the certificates. Once you click on that option, make sure that the certificate is issued to www.boh.com or cibng.ibanking-services.com. Every browser’s lock may look slightly different or the lock itself may be located in a different position within the address bar.

Online Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy of your information on boh.com.

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