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Bank of Hawaii uses email to communicate with customers on a variety of topics from important product and service updates to special offers we think you might be interested in. Please read our Privacy policy for more information on how we obtain and use your email address.

Please remember that Bank of Hawaii will never send an email asking you to verify full account numbers, Social Security Numbers, passwords or other personal identifying information. If you receive an email asking for this type of information, it’s best to always check the validity of that email. Learn more about fraudulent emails by reviewing the Security Alerts and Fraudulent & Questionable Emails sections of this website.

Generally, any email sent over the Internet is not secure unless it’s properly encrypted. Any information you send via unencrypted email should be of a non-sensitive and non-confidential nature. Bank of Hawaii Online Banking users should use the Message Center to communicate with us about their accounts.

In servicing your account, Bank of Hawaii may correspond with you via email. Please be assured that we use technology to encrypt any outgoing email we send that contains personal information such as such as Social Security Numbers or credit card numbers. The encrypted email will have “Confidential” in the subject line and will include information on how to retrieve the email.

The verification process will not ask you to divulge confidential information. You can reply to these encrypted emails, include any confidential attachments, and be assured that your information will be protected. If you have any questions about an encrypted email from Bank of Hawaii, please contact us.

For information targeted to a larger audience, Bank of Hawaii uses the following email addresses:

If you ever have any questions about a Bank of Hawaii email, please contact us.

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