Card controls and alerts

Stay in control with card controls and alerts.

Manage where, when, and how your debit card is used.

Card on. Card off. It’s up to you.

Whether you’ve misplaced your card or want to restrict purchases or potential misuse, managing your card is as simple as flipping a switch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Debit Card Controls Service?

The Debit Card Controls Service (“Card Controls”, “Card Controls Service”) is a feature that allows you to turn your debit card ON or OFF and controls how, when, and where your card is used. You can access Card Controls inside the Bank of Hawaii app.

How do I get the Debit Card Controls Service?

You can get setup in 3 easy steps:

  1. Enroll in Bank of Hawaii Mobile or Online Banking.
  2. Download the BOH Mobile Banking app through the Apple® Store for iPhones® or Google Play Store for Android™ devices.
  3. Add Card Controls to your debit card. Sign into the Mobile App and tap “More” (find this at the bottom right on iPhones and the top right on Android). Then, select “Card Controls” and select “Add” to add your card.

If I have my card turned off, will recurring transactions still go through?

Yes. Don’t worry, if you’ve setup recurring transactions and have authorized them, they will be approved. You can also receive alerts for any recurring transactions.

Will pre-authorizations affect the “Threshold Amount” controls?

Yes. Certain merchants (ex. gas stations, restaurants, hotels) may seek an authorization hold at the time a transaction is made. The authorization hold may be higher or lower than the actual transaction paid.

If the authorization is within your Threshold Amount, but the final transaction amount is higher than your limit, it will be approved based on the amount of the authorization. For example, if you set the threshold limit at $50, the merchant processes an authorization for $25, and the final transaction amount is $75, this transaction will proceed, even though it exceeds the threshold limit because the authorization is within your limit.

If the authorization is above your Threshold Amount, it will be declined at authorization even if the final transaction amount would be within the limit.  For example, if a merchant requires an authorization for $75, and the final transaction amount is $35, this transaction will be declined at authorization because it exceeds your threshold amount of $50.

What is a real-time alert?

A real-time alert is a push notification sent to the BOH Mobile Banking app. You can set alerts on all payment transactions including recurring payments, or you can limit them to specific transactions. Preferred alerts are available by spend limit, location, transaction type and/or merchant category.

An internet-enabled device is required to access Bank of Hawaii Mobile Banking. Standard data usage fees apply. Please contact your carrier for details. Text messaging fees from your wireless carrier may also apply.

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