You’re always in control.

Keep tabs on your money with our self-service security features.

Set up notifications and alerts

Select the alerts that are important to you, such as a low balance warning or when a deposit clears. You can also customize how and when you want to be notified.

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Set up notifications and alerts

Notification and alerts illustration

Update your personal information

Keep your account current by updating your personal contact information, including your address, email and phone number.

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Update personal information

update personal contact information illustration

Recover. Reset. Unlock.

Locked out because you can’t remember your password? Now you can quickly recover your username, reset your password and unlock your account—all on any device.

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Recover, reset and unlock your account

recover and reset password illustration

Change your PIN

Now you can change your PIN anytime from your mobile app.

change PIN from mobile app illustration

Update username and password

Change your username or password with a few easy steps.

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Update username and password

update username and password illustration

Manage your card

If you misplaced your card or simply want to turn it off for a while, you can manage your card with card controls in your mobile app.

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manage card controls on mobile app illustration

Request or delete a stop payment

Protect your account by stopping a single check or checks within a certain range. You can also undo your stop payment and allow your check to be processed.

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Request or delete a stop payment

Request or stop payment illustration

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