Featured Entrepreneur

Mohala Eyewear

Ashley Johnson, Founder
Honolulu, Oahu

As an Asian, mixed-race female, Ashley Johnson, knew the uncomfortable feeling of using products that don't fit her well. She strongly believed that women deserved better eyewear which inspired Ashley to launch Mohala Eyewear - an eyewear company designing sunglasses that come in various bridges, widths and adjustable frames.

Mohala Eyewear's Story

Women shared with Ashley that they couldn’t wear the standard sunglasses available in the current marketplace - frames slid down their nose, were too tight, gave them headaches and rested on their cheeks.

This was because eyewear was being made one-size-fits-all. Ashley studied eyewear design in other countries and developed three unique nose bridge fits, various widths, and adjustable frames to include all face shapes in product design. These custom glasses won’t slide, fall off, indent cheeks or touch lashes—and they look great, too!

Eyewear is for Everyone

Most U.S. eyewear is designed to fit a narrow, Eurocentric face leaving out millions of women used to wearing glasses that are too tight, too narrow, slide down face, hit cheeks, or touch lashes. Mohala Eyewear is an inclusive eyewear brand that offers three unique nose bridge fits to create custom frames that include everyone.

How Mohala Eyewear Gives Back

With every pair sold Mohala Eyewear donates a week of school to girls’ education through the Room to Read program. They have donated 160+ years of school to date. Mohala Eyewear purchases help girls in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Laos, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Vietnam by giving them access to life skills education, local mentors, material support, and community engagement.

Why Diversity and Inclusion is Important to Mohala Eyewear

Growing up as a mixed-race woman Ashley often felt left out of the fashion and beauty world. She felt that products were not always made for her, people in the media didn’t look like her and these experiences made her feel invisible and less valued. She believes inclusivity in business advances inclusivity in mass culture.  She is creating a brand where everyone feels seen.

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