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Bank of Hawaii x Mana Up

Visionary Ventures

Celebrate Hawai‘i’s entrepreneurs and explore the challenges faced at every stage of business growth.

Wednesday, August 14, 2024
5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Panel at the IBM Building
Pau Hana at the House of Mana Up, South Shore Market

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Visionary Ventures event

Celebrating Hawaii

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are what make Hawaii such an incredible place that we’re proud to call home. Entrepreneurs and businesses that are committed to these values make us stronger by enriching our local culture and helping to build a more sustainable economy. In partnership with Mana Up, we’re proud to highlight four local businesses that demonstrate these values every day. Learn more about how these companies shine a spotlight on their heritage—and share that heritage with the world—through their products by reading their inspiring stories below.

Partnering to Promote Local Businesses

Supporting local has never been more meaningful than it is today. Bank of Hawaii joined forces with Mana Up, a local accelerator program in a celebration of local makers and artisans. This initiative is designed to help Hawaii’s entrepreneurs grow and succeed, with an overall mission to diversify the local economy for generations to come.

Together, this initiative will highlight Hawaii’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem and propel local companies to the next level. Bank of Hawaii is the exclusive Mana Up banking partner at the Founder Level to lead key strategic programs, including a new executive mentorship program, and to offer a platform to share local entrepreneur stories.

Why shop local and invest back into the community?

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Grow our economy & provide more local jobs
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Embrace what makes our community unique
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Create a sustainable Hawaii for future generations

Celebrating Local Businesses Helps Build a Stronger Hawaii

Helping local business grow

See what Bank of Hawaii can do for your business—from ACH payments to card processing and everything in between—so you can focus on growing your business and spend less time running it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mana Up?

Mana Up is a program for Hawaii entrepreneurs to grow their businesses globally, with the mission to increase economic opportunity and jobs for the people of Hawaii. House of Mana Up (online and brick and mortar retail shops) is where you can find all of these entrepreneurs' amazing local products including specialty gifts for friends, ohana and more!

How does Mana Up support local product companies?

Mana Up supports local product companies through its accelerator program. Selected companies receive mentorship from industry experts, access to resources, networking opportunities, and funding to help grow their businesses. Mana Up also helps companies expand their distribution and sales channels, plus increase their brand exposure.

How can I apply for the Mana Up accelerator program?

The Mana Up accelerator program is open to any product companies headquartered in Hawaii that meet the criteria of the program. The program focuses on companies in various categories, including food and beverage, fashion, beauty, health, home goods, art and more.

Click on the link to apply for the Mana Up accelerator program or find more information on the application process and requirements. The application typically includes providing information about your company, its products, and its potential for growth. Be prepared to share details about your business model, market traction, team, and vision.

How can I get more information on Mana Up?

You can visit their website Mana Up is always accepting applications for their programs which is available online. Potential applicants can also contact with any questions.

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