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Hawaii in Bloom: Ha Tonics

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April 29th, 2024

Ha Tonics founders Ha Tonics founders

Small businesses help Hawaii bloom—that’s why Bank of Hawaii has collaborated with Mana Up, a local accelerator initiative. This collaboration aims to help Hawaii’s entrepreneurs grow and succeed, with an overall mission to diversify the local economy for generations to come.

Together, we’re helping propel local companies to the next level through strategic programs, including an executive mentorship program and series, that spotlight entrepreneur stories and bring more visibility to the vibrancy local businesses create in our community.

Hawaii in Bloom: Ha Tonics

Ha Tonics infuses ancient nutritional wisdom into everyday modern health. Their superfood drink mixes showcase the healing properties of endemic Hawaiian plants like olena (turmeric) and awa (kawa root). Easily digested and absorbed, Ha Tonics mixes are known for their high nutrient content and mineral potency, and work to help the body swiftly achieve homeostasis, a state of internal balance.

Founded by Puna and Ola Tripp, Ha Tonics is more than a business. It’s a personal passion rooted in the idea that true wealth is health. Beyond nutraceuticals, their vision is to provide the tools and encouragement for individuals, their community, and the world to achieve mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing and make healthier lifestyle choices.

Ha Tonics is an offshoot of Liquid Life, the Tripp’s successful Hawaii Island-based cafes in Keaau and Waimea that serve organic cold-pressed juices, health foods, and more. Committed to the health of their customers and their community, both Ha Tonics and Liquid Life source their Native Hawaiian plants and fresh fruits from local farmers.

Puna explains, “You have to be strong in your morals. Because sustainability isn’t the cheaper option. We care about sustainability for our customers—their health and wellness.”

For those considering starting a business, she offers, “have a strong mission and WHY—only when you’re super passionate about the mission can you really succeed. You’ll have to overcome hurdles. There will be hard times. It’s been a journey for us. It was beyond a passion; it became ‘this is integral for people’ that helped us through those hard times.”

Help Hawaii Bloom: Shop Local

Supporting local has never been more meaningful than it is today. Learn more about Mana Up and Ha Tonics and shop local products in the Bank of Hawaii x Mana Up Collection.

About Bank of Hawaii x Mana Up

Together, this initiative with Mana Up will highlight Hawaii’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem and propel local companies to the next level. Bank of Hawaii is the exclusive Mana Up banking partner at the Founder Level to lead key strategic programs, including a new executive mentorship program, and to offer a platform to share local entrepreneur stories.

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