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Hawaii in Bloom: Advance Wildlife Education

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April 24th, 2024

Advance Wildlife Education founder Advance Wildlife Education founder

Small businesses help Hawaii bloom—that’s why Bank of Hawaii has collaborated with Mana Up, a local accelerator initiative. This collaboration aims to help Hawaii’s entrepreneurs grow and succeed, with an overall mission to diversify the local economy for generations to come.

Together, we’re helping propel local companies to the next level through strategic programs, including an executive mentorship program and series, that spotlight entrepreneur stories and bring more visibility to the vibrancy local businesses create in our community.

Hawaii in Bloom: Advance Wildlife Education

“Hawaii is considered the extinction capital of the world,” says Che Frausto, founder of Advance Wildlife Education. As an outreach worker with the Maui Nui Seabird Recovery Project, Che saw participants collapse or even put trash in the little holes they discovered in the ground—not realizing the holes are burrows for Wedge-tailed Shearwaters. “That's when I realized people want to help.” They cared about the shearwaters, “but you can’t protect what you don’t know exists,” Che explained.

Che founded Advance Wildlife Education in 2016 to foster outreach and knowledge about endangered wildlife. As a wildlife biologist and illustrator, “I wanted to do more to help, so I combined my passions for wildlife and art in order to form a bridge between the community and conservation non-profits by creating these wildlife educational coloring books,” says Che.

Advance Wildlife Education’s coloring books delight keiki with pictures, fun facts, diet information and the status of each animal. Coloring books focusing on Hawaii wildlife include text in Native Hawaiian. The company also offers bamboo clothing, stickers and tattoos to help raise environmental consciousness and encourage people to express their passion for protecting endangered species.

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Supporting local has never been more meaningful than it is today. Learn more about Mana Up and Advance Wildlife Education and shop local products in the Bank of Hawaii x Mana Up Collection.

About Bank of Hawaii x Mana Up

Together, this initiative with Mana Up will highlight Hawaii’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem and propel local companies to the next level. Bank of Hawaii is the exclusive Mana Up banking partner at the Founder Level to lead key strategic programs, including a new executive mentorship program, and to offer a platform to share local entrepreneur stories.

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