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Celebrating Hawaii with Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals

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July 8th, 2024

Hawaii Rainforest Natural founder quote Hawaii Rainforest Natural founder quote

Small businesses are the backbone of Hawaii’s vibrant community, which is why Bank of Hawaii has teamed up with Mana Up, a local accelerator initiative. This collaboration is designed to empower entrepreneurs to thrive and succeed, with a mission to diversity the local economy for future generations. Together, we’re helping elevate local businesses through strategic programs, such as an executive mentorship program and a series that showcases entrepreneurial stories, highlighting the dynamic, flourishing business landscape within our island home.

Celebrating Hawaii with Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals

Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals is a family-owned business rooted in the lush rainforests of Hawaii Island. Established in 1993, the company specializes in creating flower essences and body care products derived from the unique flora and fauna of Hawaii. Founder Melia Goodenow and her mother, Joy Johnson, lead the company with a deep respect for nature and a commitment to preserving ancient Hawaiian traditions.

The mission of Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals is to help individuals achieve a state of Pono, or harmony, through their carefully crafted products. By utilizing the healing energy of Hawaii's native flowers, they strive to bring emotional clarity and improve the quality of life for their customers. Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals remains dedicated to sharing the unique and powerful energy of Hawaii with the world.

“We strive to put all of our aloha and integrity into our products and everything we do,” expresses Melia. From meticulously selecting the finest local ingredients to crafting her products with care, she ensures that every item reflects her commitment to quality, her culture, and community. Melia’s passion for her work shines through in the exceptional standards she upholds, infusing each product with the spirt of Hawaii.

Help Celebrate Hawaii: Shop Local

Supporting local has never been more impactful than it is today. Learn more about Mana Up and Hawaiian Rainforest Naturals and shop local products in the Bank of Hawaii x Mana Up Collection.

About Bank of Hawaii x Mana Up

The Bank of Hawaii x Mana Up collaboration aims to spotlight Hawaii’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and elevate local companies to new heights. As the exclusive Mana Up partner at the Founder Level, Bank of Hawaii supports key strategic programs, including an exclusive executive mentorship program and a platform for sharing the stories of local entrepreneurs.

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