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Make a deposit anytime, anywhere.

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Make a mobile deposit

Skip the line and make deposits virtually anywhere. Mobile deposit is conveniently built into your phone.

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How to make a mobile deposit:

  1. Sign the back of your check and add “For BOH Mobile Deposit Only” below your signature.
  2. Snap pictures of the front and back of your check.
  3. Select your deposit account and enter the amount.
  4. Send your deposit.

Once you receive an email confirmation that your deposit was “Approved, you may destroy the check.

mobile deposit of a check

How much can you deposit?

  • Consumer and Business: $15,000 maximum daily limit
  • Customers of The Private Bank: $50,000 maximum daily limit+

+For customers with an established Private Banking relationship. The increase to the Private Banking Limit may take up to 5 business days following the first successful Mobile Deposit, to take effect. At any time should the Private Banking relationship be terminated, the standard limits in effect at the time of termination will be restored.

Things to know

  • The total amount of your deposit will now generally be available for debits posting on the Business Day of your deposit.
  • Same day deposits must be made by 5:00 PM Hawaii Standard Time, 1:00 PM Chamorro Time and 12 noon Palau Time on a business day. A business day is Monday through Friday except U.S. Federal holidays.
  • Device must have a rear-facing camera with auto focus to use Mobile Deposit service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of checks can I deposit with Mobile Deposit?

Consumer customers: We will accept original checks payable solely to you.

Business customers: We will accept original checks payable solely to the Business Name. The Business Name and the name of the Business deposit account must be the same*.

For example, a check payable to: Aloha Ocean, LLC depositing to the business deposit account for: Aloha Ocean, LLC dba Ocean Fun would be accepted. Checks payable to the dba name would also be accepted when the dba name is listed on the deposit account.

You should not use Mobile Deposit to deposit the following items:

  • Checks payable to others (even if endorsed over to you)
  • Demand drafts
  • Substitute checks (i.e. paper checks created from an electronic image)
  • Checks that are irregular in any way (e.g. where the numerical and written (legal) amounts are different)
  • Checks that have previously been returned unpaid for any reason
  • Checks drawn on a foreign bank or payable in a foreign currency
  • Registered government warrants
  • Travelers Checks, Money Orders or Postal Orders
  • Checks suspected to be fraudulent or not properly authorized
  • Checks that exceed the maximum daily aggregate limit

Who is eligible for Mobile Deposit?

All mobile banking customers with deposit accounts are eligible for Mobile Deposit.

Are there limits on the dollar amount and the number of deposits I can submit?

Consumer and Business: $15,000 maximum daily limit

Customers of The Private Bank: $50,000 maximum daily limit

There is no limit on the number of checks submitted provided the amounts meet the requirements above.

When do my funds become available for use?

If your deposit was made before the cut-off time shown below, on a bank business day, your deposit will generally be available for debits posting on the day of your deposit.

  • State of Hawaii – 5:00 PM Hawaii Standard Time (HST)
  • Guam and Saipan – 1:00 PM. Chamorro Time (CHST)
  • Palau – 12:00 noon Palau Time (PWT)

Please note: A business day is Monday through Friday except U.S. federal holidays. To see if your funds are available, please review your account balances in Online Banking or via the Bank of Hawaii Mobile Banking app.

How do I endorse my check for Mobile Deposit?

Indicate “For BOH Mobile Deposit Only and sign the back of your check. Standard ink (gel or ball point pen) should be used to make the endorsement.

Please note: Thick ink pens (e.g., permanent markers and highlighters) are un-readable by our system and will reflect as a missing endorsement.

An internet-enabled device is required to access Bank of Hawaii Mobile Banking. Standard data usage fees apply. Please contact your carrier for details. Text messaging fees from your wireless carrier may also apply.

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