Bank of Hawaii Volunteers Teach Students About Managing Credit During ‘SmartMoney Lesson Day’


October 22nd, 2019

Bank of Hawaii volunteers reached out to nearly 2,800 teens at 17 intermediate schools, high schools and select locations across the state of Hawaii, Guam, Saipan and Palau for SmartMoney Lesson Day.

Since 2009, Bank of Hawaii has been providing unique financial education opportunities to Hawaii’s public schools, and this year the bank is excited to offer new curriculum sponsored by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). To help students prepare for life after high school, Bank of Hawaii focused on FDIC’s 2019 “Can You Pay Your Bills” lesson plan about responsible spending and budgeting habits for high school students, and the “Being a Savvy Shopper” curriculum to help teach middle schoolers how to make smart decisions when shopping.

SmartMoney Lesson Day is an engaging, interactive exploration of the concepts of money, which is designed to promote personal financial education in middle and high school. This national program provides age-appropriate curriculum to help youth learn the basics of handling their money and finances, including how to create positive relationships with financial institutions.

In addition to helping students make informed financial decisions, SmartMoney Lesson Day also emphasizes the importance of maintaining credit worthiness, motivates students to budget and manage their money and provides insights on how to protect their identities.

Bank of Hawaii volunteers will continue to work with students in Hawaii, Guam, Saipan and Palau in middle schools, high schools and select locations throughout the months of October and November.

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