Bank of Hawaii Pays Full Tuition for 4 Chaminade University Graduates

Since 2016, the bank’s popular College Assistance Program has paid for 25 employees to earn college degrees.


May 5th, 2024

Four graduates at Chaminade University’s commencement ceremony on Saturday received their diplomas at no cost—all expenses paid by Bank of Hawaii’s College Assistance Program. Their tuition, including fees for textbooks and materials, were paid entirely by the bank. Since Bank of Hawaii’s College Assistance Program began in 2016, 25 employees have now earned degrees from Chaminade University or an associate degree from the University of Hawaii Community Colleges with more than $2.1 million in educational costs covered.

This year, all four employees—Rita Aponte, Ryan Chang, Cindy Corpuz and KerryLynn Vea—received their bachelor’s degrees in business administration.

“When our College Assistance Program started, we were excited to open doors and offer our full support to employees seeking their first college degree. Eight short years later, we’re overjoyed to celebrate a total of 25 employees who have leapt at the opportunity to go back to school without the burden of tuition and completed their goal of getting their diploma,” said Sharlene Ginoza-Lee, Bank of Hawaii’s Chief People Officer. “Their dedication and determination while juggling work and school is an inspiration.”

“Getting my degree was something that nagged at me because I knew I could get it, but hadn't done it yet. It wasn’t easy to come up with the money to pay for college without getting into a ton of debt while working and living on my own in Hawaii,” said Rita Aponte, Senior Manager at Bank of Hawaii’s People Service Center. “Coming to work for Bank of Hawaii and learning about the CAP program and how it would pay for my education has changed my life and been the biggest blessing.”

Understanding that the cost of obtaining a higher education can be a deterrent, CAP allows employees without a college degree to achieve their educational goals by paying 100% of their tuition upfront. Fees for textbooks and materials are covered, and participants are given an extra paid day off from work during final exams so they can focus on studying. With the goal of helping individuals reach their personal educational dreams, employees are not required to remain with the company upon graduation.

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