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Pono Potions

Pono Potions was founded in 2019 by Peter A. Hessler as a wholesale distributor and manufacturer of all-natural flavored syrups for coffee, cocktails and culinary creations. The company uses locally sourced, whole ingredients to flavor our syrups in order to create the most flavorful and unique beverage syrups on the market. They are committed to empowering the Hawaii community and economy by implementing a bottle recycling program, supporting small farms and businesses, and giving $.10 of every bottle sold to the Hawaii Food Bank.

Pono Potionsʻs products can be found at local markets and coffee shops, including their own location in Chinatown, Pōʻai by Pono Potions. Their Chinatown location features an espresso bar with signature lattes, vegan and gluten-free baked goods, and a curated selection of handmade goods from other local artisans.

Peter Hessler of Pono Potions
Pono Potions products Pono Potions products

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