Featured Entrepreneur

Meli Wraps

Melia Foster, Founder
Kilauea, Kauai

Meli Wraps is a Hawaii company designing reusable beeswax wraps to reduce plastic, all while keeping your food fresh. Hawaii is a leader in sustainability and environmental consciousness. This led to founder, Melia Foster starting her company on her home island of Kauai, which now supplies many places beyond Hawaii with a product that reduces single use plastics.

The company uses GOTS-certified organic cotton, beeswax, tree resin and plant oils to create a natural wrap that can be used up to 150 washes or one to two years. The plant oils keep food fresh and the beeswax allows the cotton stick to most foods and dishes. Plus, the wraps can be cleaned with a simple wash of cold water and soap. The fun island-inspired company likes to keep the designs vibrant and seasonal and offers a variety of sizes in its wraps.

Like many small local businesses, Meli Wraps is making big waves in our community.

How Meli Wraps is making big waves

Meli Wraps employs 100% locals at Kauai facility and supports all Hawaii-based beekeepers and farms. All Meli Wraps products are 100% made at their facility on Kauai. All products are created using local raw materials including 100% Hawaiian beeswax. 70% of sales are generated outside of the state helping to bring new dollars into Hawaii, supporting more jobs and community give back.

How they give back

Meli Wraps frequently donates to schools and nonprofits including BEACH, Sustainable Coastlines and the Surfrider Foundation. Meli Wraps has kept over 500,000 rolls of plastic wrap out of the landfills with its reusable food wraps.

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