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Kahuku Farms

Kylie Matsuda-Lum & Judah Lum
Kahuku, Oahu
Kylie Matsuda-Lum and Judah Lum of Kahuku Farms

Kylie Matsuda-Lum, a fourth generation farmer in Hawaii and her husband, Judah Lum started Kahuku Farms,  which includes a farm-to-table cafe and line of culinary products, an extension of their family’s farming business on Oahu’s North Shore. Kahuku Farms is known for creating small-batch, handcrafted products by value-adding what would’ve been wasted fruits into fine country gifts.

What began as a sustainable culinary line evolved into a North Shore destination and gathering place for the community. On a mission to diversify the family business, Kylie Matsuda-Lum, husband Judah, and sister Kalyn, opened a farm-to-table cafe in 2010.

Over 100 years ago, the Matsuda & Fukuyama clans, a family of innovative farmers began growing local produce in Kahuku. Today, Kahuku Farms is run by the fourth generation of farmers with a love of agriculture and sustainability. The company handcrafts products using the freshest ingredients from its fields such as liliko'i butter, honey mango body butter, and much more!

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