Business Financing & Loans

Equipment Leasing

Why buy when you can lease.

An alternative option to finance your business needs

Improve your cash flow

What we finance

Information systems

Medical and dental equipment

Office furniture and fixtures

Autos, busses, light trucks, heavy trucks, and trailers

Manufacturing equipment

Printing, construction and industrial equipment

What you get

100% fixed rate financing

Lower periodic payments (tax lease)

Rents are deductible for tax purposes*

Transfer risk of obsolescence to lessor

Minimal closing fees

Lease structures can be tailored to meet seasonal cash flow needs

*Consult your tax advisor


True lease (tax-oriented lease*)

  • Lower monthly payments, as Bank of Hawaii uses federal and state tax benefits to reduce the monthly rentals
  • Rents are deductible for tax purposes
  • Equipment can be returned at the end of term or purchased

Lease purchase*

  • Lessee takes all available tax benefits, rates are fixed for the term of the lease
  • Fixed purchase amount at end of term

*Consult your tax advisor for more specific tax information

Financing & Loans

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