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Community Service Day 2023: Ka Papa Loi o Kanewai

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October 6th, 2023

The Bank of Hawaii Blue Crew showed up in a big way for the 16th annual Community Service Day! About 200 volunteers came together on a beautiful Saturday in September to work at Ka Papa Loi o Kanewai. Known as a kalo patch for the community, it’s tucked into a peaceful corner of the University of Hawaii at Manoa in the School of Hawaiian Knowledge.

The morning began with a program led by Vice Chair and Senior Executive Director of Wealth Management, Marco Abbruzzese who introduced Hiapo Cashman, Executive Director of Ka Papa Loi o Kanewai. Cashman and his staff explained the history and cultural significance of their work. They also shared a special oli, or chant, for our volunteers. Bank of Hawaii Foundation President Momi Akimseu then presented a $5,000 grant on behalf of the foundation in support of their important efforts to sustain our aina.

Bank of Hawaii’s volunteer work was both rewarding and educational as the staff shared moolelo, or stories, about the location. They guided the Blue Crew through dozens of varieties of native Hawaiian kalo and provided the opportunity to work, in the stream to clear it of debris while learning about the precious resource.

Check out the photos below to see the Bankoh Blue Crew in action.


The Blue Crew listened to an important lesson about caring for our water sources.


Walking through the water helps clear debris and keeps the irrigation system for the kalo patches running smoothly.


Our many hands came together to make easy work of caring for the loi.


Due to the volume of water the kalo plants require, the loi are often quite muddy.


Members of our Executive Committee lent a helping hand in the loi, weeding and stabilizing the plants.


Inside the hale, volunteers had a special opportunity to learn more about the history of Hawaii and its culture.


The Blue Crew had a great Community Service Day!

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