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Drs. Bennett and Shelley Loui

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Dr. Shelley Loui: Bennett and I have been married for 20 years, and we have three children: Matthew, Shawn and Katie. I’m a pediatrician in private practice, and Bennett is an internist at Straub. We’re pretty busy, but we both think that family time is very important.

Dr. Bennett Loui: We’re both medical professionals and we’re both very busy with our family and professional lives. When it comes to our finances, we want to depend on people that we can trust and rely on because we are not experts in finance.

My family has done business with BOH for several generations. With our large family and Shelley’s private practice, our individual and business banking needs are different from my parents and grandparents.

Shelley: When we got married in 2001, I switched my personal banking to join Bennett’s at BOH. When I started my private practice in 2003, I originally started my business banking with another bank, but I wasn’t happy with the relationship. We happened to walk into the Kahala Branch in 2009 and met Kalai Services Relationship Manager Davin Nakasato there. He was a business banking officer at the time, and I switched my business banking accounts to BOH for him to manage. He was great; he really helped me out a lot with the business. In 2011, he became the assistant banking center manager for the Waialae-Kahala Branch, but he still functioned as my business banker.

In 2014, Davin moved to Private Banking as a private banking officer. We agreed to have him handle our accounts and moved our investments from a national financial institution to BOH. As Davin continued to be promoted at the bank, he kept handling my business account and services. In 2017, when Davin moved to Kalai Services, he took our accounts with him. He still continues to manage everything for us: our personal accounts, my business, and our investments and retirement savings. Then in 2020, during COVID, he reached out to us and recommended that we refinance our mortgages.

Bennett: We’ve refinanced in the past using a mortgage broker, but when Davin recommended we refinance, he had just the person to help us. Because this was during COVID, it was almost entirely done by computer and email through the app. We had only one in-person meeting to do the signing, and that was the easiest experience for refinancing that we’ve ever had.

We’ve been with Davin for over a decade and as his career has evolved, our relationship with the bank has evolved as well. Davin knows us so well now personally—he knows our family, he knows our kids, and he knows what stage of life we’re in—he has a great sense of who we re so he can anticipate actions to take.

Shelley: Davin is probably the most important asset at the bank for me. He’s very personable and accessible; I will call or text him anytime I need him. He’s also very knowledgeable, and if he doesn’t have an answer, he’ll get back to us with the information.

Bennett: It’s a huge challenge for a doctor like Shelley who’s very busy with her practice, and needs to manage the entire business side that you never learned in school. She learned about anatomy and pharmacy, but not about how to do payroll. It’s been critical to her success to have someone like Davin at BOH.

Shelley: If he’s not able to help us himself, he’s always able to connect us with really good people who can. For instance, I was having trouble with my accountant, and he referred me to a different accountant who I can just email to take care of everything.

I now do most of my business banking by email or text. Davin knows my emails are coming around midnight, and he’ll respond around five in the morning. He knows our lifestyle and when I can answer questions, which is on weekends or late at night.

Bennett: Shelley and I are primary care doctors; we have long-term relationships with our patients, and we expect our patients to call us anytime they need us. And that’s something that we feel we can do with our banking partner, Davin. That’s obviously something that we value and understand. It’s amazing to have that kind of service.

Shelley: During COVID in 2020, we shut down our office for a couple of months—we only saw emergency visits, and we put routine visits on hold. Our business changed a lot during that time, so Davin reached out and recommended that I apply for the PPP loan. He and the accountant took care of everything and made applying pretty easy. It was very helpful to have that funding to pay my staff during months when there was a lot of uncertainty.

The people at BOH are very reliable and trustworthy. I have a lot of confidence with having all our banking services there. It always goes back to Davin: The service he provides is unbelievable. He always makes us feel like we’re his most important clients.

I think I was a little nervous at the beginning to switch over to BOH, because it was new to me. But it’s been a great experience not only for our personal banking, but also for my business. You can get everything done there.

Bennett: We like the long-term relationship that we’ve built at BOH, and the comprehensive services we receive. Over time we’ve used many different products and services that the bank offers, and we feel very well taken care of.

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