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Clover Go

The All-In-One Contactless Chip Card Reader

Go where your business takes you

Go here. Go there. Accept payments anywhere. Clover Go Contactless Reader is your go-to point-of-sales for secure credit card dips and taps. Just bring your smartphone or tablet and a free hand.


No matter how your customer is paying, contactless or EMV®, Clover Go can take it—and get you paid fast.


Big things come in small packages. With Clover Go, you get intuitive sales reporting, business insights, and more.


The Clover platform provides robust hardware and software solutions that grow with you as your business evolves.

Clover Go Clover Go
Tap. Dip. Repeat. All day. Every day. Whether you’re running around town or running around your store, the Clover Go Mobile Point-of-Sale app and Clover Dashboard place additional, robust features at your fingertips.

Connect Wirelessly
The Clover Go pairs seamlessly with your mobile device or tablet through a Bluetooth connection.

Paperless Receipts
Customers want it their way, right down to the receipt. With Clover Go, it’s simple to email or text receipts to your customers to keep them happy.

Tips & Taxes
Set custom percentage amounts for tips and create multiple tax rates for the things you sell.

End-to-End Security
Built-in Clover Security helps protect your customers, business and reputation from fraud.

Manage your business, on the go

Take your business to your customers with the compact and powerful mobile credit reader and app. Connect with our knowledgeable sales representatives to get started with Clover Go.

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