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Nik and Jennifer Lobendahn

Owners, Over Easy, Easy ‘Que, Bakery at Over Easy

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“The bank is a lot like Hawaii, where we’re all looking out for each other.” —Nik Lobendahn

Nik and Jennifer met when they were working at Alan Wong’s restaurant, where they shared a passion for food. They realized they wanted to start a business together before they even knew they wanted to get married. After seven years of saving and planning, plus help from family and friends, in July 2016 they opened Over Easy, a breakfast restaurant in Kailua with a fresh and unique menu. They hit the ground running, putting a lot of love and thought into every detail of their new business and featuring what Jennifer calls their life’s dream menu. In 2019, they expanded to open Easy ‘Que across the street from their breakfast location. It features a local-style barbecue menu with Asian flavor nuances the Lobendahns describe as “aloha barbeque.”

They survived the COVID shutdown by making creative pivots. Serving takeout at Over Easy, selling family dinners, DIY semiprepared meals, pastry boxes, and other items helped them keep their doors open.

In 2022, they opened a bakery connected to Over Easy featuring baked goods they serve at the restaurant and other treats like custom cakes. While a lot of hard work goes into running their restaurants, they feel lucky to truly love what they do. They’re thankful for their team that helped them grow through the years, and look forward to what’s next.


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