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Bank of Hawaii is a leading sponsor of UHERO, the economic research organization at the University of Hawaii. UHERO’s mission is to inform public and private-sector economic decision-making through rigorous, independent economic research on the people, environment, and economies of Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific region. Since 1997, UHERO has established itself as the premier source for forecasts and analysis in Hawaii.

Bank of Hawaii’s sponsorship expands the bank’s longstanding commitment to programs that educate the community about important financial and economic issues. In particular, the sponsorship extends to the UHERO Data Portal, which provides free online access to up-to-date information on Hawaii’s visitor industry, income, employment, and other economic and social indicators for the State and County economies.



The data, forecasts, and conclusions provided on the UHERO website and Data Portal are those of UHERO and not of Bank of Hawaii. Bank of Hawaii shall not be responsible or liable for the content and/or accuracy of any information contained on the UHERO website or Data Portal.