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You'll save money, earn money, and manage all your accounts in ways that are most convenient for you.

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If you have multiple accounts at Bank of Hawaii®, it may be time for you to ask about our Bankohana® account and enjoy the great benefits of being a part of the family. A Bankohana account will let you bring your other accounts together in one easy-to-manage package and let you take advantage of fee waivers or discounted services, preferential interest rates and other benefits. Here’s how it works.

Your Primary Account

A Bankohana checking account will be your primary account. It’s an interest bearing account that may pay you a higher interest rate as your balance increases.1

Your Related Accounts

All of the following deposit accounts and credit accounts may be used to meet the combined balance requirements, provided that at least one of the Bankohana checking account holders is the primary owner of the designated related account.2

Deposit Account Balances

  • Bankohana Savings
  • Bankohana Money Market Savings
  • Bankohana Bonus Rate Savings
  • Bankohana Bonus Rate Savings Plus
  • Bankohana Time Deposit Accounts
  • Bankohana Individual Retirement Account

Loans and Lines Outstanding Balances

  • Consumer loans (except residential mortgages)
  • Consumer lines of credit (except Bankoh CoverCheck)
  • Qualifying Bank of Hawaii branded credit cards (for state of Hawaii accounts)

If you have a Bankohana – Level II or III account, the following accounts will automatically be linked to your Bankohana checking account to meet the combined balance requirement:

  • Bank residential mortgage loan (up to $10,000 per account)
  • Qualifying Bankoh Investment Services, Inc. (“BISI”) Brokerage accounts3

Choosing your Bankohana Account Level

See which Bankohana Level matches your needs. Compare Bankohana Levels.

Different Ways to Make Life Easier

When going to a branch is not convenient, there are other ways to get to your account quickly and easily no matter where you are.

View our easy-to-understand information guide for each of the Bankohana Levels that explain how and when fees are assessed.

1. A Bankohana Account may not be opened by a custodian under the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act by a personal representative of an estate, or by a representative payee.
2. Additional restrictions may apply. Please visit any Bank of Hawaii branch or call Bankoh by Phone.
3. Qualifying BISI Brokerage accounts are determined from time to time by BISI. Please contact BISI at (808) 694-8500 for a description of current qualifying BISI Brokerage accounts. Some restrictions apply. Bankoh Investment Services, Inc. (BISI) is a non-bank subsidiary of Bank of Hawaii and member FINRA/SIPC. BISI investments and insurance products are not FDIC insured, are not insured by any federal government agency, are not deposits or other obligations of (or guaranteed or insured by) Bank of Hawaii or its affiliates, may not be required for purchase in order to obtain credit from Bank of Hawaii or any of its affiliates, and may involve investment risks including possible loss of the principal amount invested. The official securities position statements for BISI accounts will be sent by BISI’s clearing firm, National Financial Services, LLC (NFS), which is considered the original statement of record.
4. Additional services available. Fees may apply.
5. Mobile Banking Service requires enrollment in e-Bankoh Online Banking. An internet-enabled device is required to access e-Bankoh Mobile Banking or m.boh.com. Standard data usage fees apply. Please contact your carrier for details. Text messaging fees from your wireless carrier may also apply. Your mobile device must be registered through the Mobile Banking Service enrollment process.