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  • Earn bonus interest in addition to regular interest when you make deposits totaling at least $25 each month and no withdrawals that month (See rate sheet for current APY)
  • Avoid the $5 monthly service fee when bonus interest is earned or when you meet the $500 minimum daily balance requirement
  • Free Bankoh BankCard (ATM card)
  • Free 24/7 Bankoh by Phone
  • Free 24/7 e-Bankoh Online Banking1
  • Free 24/7 Bank of Hawaii Mobile Banking2
  • Extensive ATM and branch network

Requirements and Other Restrictions:

  • Minimum opening deposit requirement (except for accounts opened online) of $100
  • Minimum opening deposit requirement for online account of $500
  • Monthly service fee of $5 is waived if a minimum daily balance of $500 is maintained or bonus interest is earned
  • Bonus interest rate applies when you make deposits totaling at least $25 each month and no withdrawals for that month

Safety & Soundness:

1. Additional services available. Fees may apply.
2. Mobile banking is free to all e-Bankoh Online Banking customers. An internet-enabled device is required to access the e-Bankoh Mobile Banking App and/or Browser. You must be enrolled in e-Bankoh Online Banking to access mobile banking. Standard data usage fees apply. Please contact your carrier for details. Your mobile device must be registered through the Mobile Banking Service enrollment process.
Q: How do I earn the bonus interest on my Bonus Rate Savings account?
A: Bonus interest is earned when deposits total at least $25 and no withdrawals are made for the month.

Q: If I do not qualify for the bonus interest, will I still earn regular interest?
A: Yes, you will earn regular interest for that month.

Q: How do I know my account is earning the bonus interest vs. the regular interest?
A: The bonus interest will be reflected on your statement as “Bonus Int.”

Q: How do I setup a recurring deposit?
A: Once you have successfully opened and funded your account, simply visit e-Bankoh (online banking) to setup your recurring deposit. e-Bankoh enrollment required.