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Mortgage Refinancing

Is refinancing right for you?

By refinancing your mortgage with Bank of Hawaii, you could possibly lower your monthly payments or even pay off your mortgage faster.

Use the refinancing calculator on the Resources page to help you make a decision if refinancing may be right for your situation.

To determine whether you should consider refinancing, you need to compare the cost of obtaining a new mortgage with the savings you will enjoy with a reduced interest rate. You may want to consider refinancing to a different type of mortgage, such as switching from an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) to a Fixed Rate Mortgage (FRM).

No interest rate environment lasts forever. Unfortunately there is no crystal ball that will tell you when rates have reached their lowest level. Taking action now to evaluate whether refinancing now makes economic sense, and evaluating the type of mortgage you want, can help you be in control of one of your largest household expenses.

Great for people who want to lower their monthly mortgage payments or pay off their mortgage faster.

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  • State’s largest retail bank. We’re here to help you meet all of your personal and business banking needs, with over 70 convenient locations statewide

  • Mortgage loans done fast. We’ll speed the mortgage for your home purchase in just 30 days from start to finish!

  • Pre-approved loans. Pre-approval coupled with a quick closing could give you a negotiating edge with the seller and a competitive advantage over other buyers

  • Experienced, knowledgeable, friendly lending professionals. We’ll help you select the appropriate loan program and facilitate the documentation process

  • Strength of a portfolio lender. This gives us the flexibility you may need to get the deal done. No prepayment penalties

  • Local decision making, underwriting and servicing. We get loans done quickly, and when you need our help, we’re right here to assist you   

Includes complete written application, deposit check, all documents contained in the Mortgage Loan Application Checklist, and any other documents required by Bank of Hawaii.
Pre-approval means that you could qualify for a residential loan based on limited information provided, and is not a commitment by Bank of Hawaii to make you a particular loan.