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Debit Cards

manage and protect your debit cards

Select a card that matches your needs

EASE by Bank of Hawaii Visa® Debit Card

The account for everyone that's loaded with benefits, not fees like pre-paid cards.

Bank of Hawaii Visa® Debit Card

Bank of Hawaii offers a convenient way to access your checking account without writing a check. Use your Visa debit card just the way you'd use your credit card.

Bankoh Hawaiian Airlines® Visa® Debit Card

Enjoy the convenience of a Hawaiian Airlines Debit Card and the travel rewards of HawaiianMiles.

Debit Card Controls

With Bank of Hawaii's Debit Card Controls Service, you are in control of where, when, and how your Debit Card is used.

Debit Card Fraud Alerts

Protect yourself from potential debit card fraud with alerts sent right to your mobile phone.

Debit Card Overdraft Coverage

An option for your checking account.