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EASE by Bank of Hawaii

An alternative to a traditional checking account to help you manage your finances with “ease.”
  • No check writing
  • No overdraft fees

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Bank of Hawaii Convenience Checking

Get all the features of a regular checking account, plus the perks of a debit card, free online banking and more.

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Personal Money Management Checking

An interest earning checking account.

Managing Your Checking Account

We want to help you manage your account to minimize overdrafts.

Understanding Overdrafts

Learn how Bank of Hawaii handles overdrafts and find out more about services to help you manage your accounts.

Standard Overdraft Practices

Learn about the standard overdraft practices that come with Bank of Hawaii accounts.

Overdraft Protection From Savings Service

Set up automatic transfers from your savings account to your checking account to help prevent overdrafts. No cost to sign up.

Bankoh CoverCheck

Added protection against overdrawing your checking account.

  • Automatically covers your overdrafts up to your available credit limit
  • Helps you avoid overdraft charges
  • Interest applies only when you use it