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More than 200 Bank of Hawaii Volunteers Teach Children to Save

Friday, April 29, 2016

HONOLULU, HAWAII – More than 2,000 students in 28 schools and locations throughout the state of Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Saipan and Palau learned from more than 200 Bank of Hawaii employees about the importance of saving as part of the American Bankers Association Teach Children to Save Day program, a national campaign of volunteer bankers who help young people develop lifelong savings habits.

Bank of Hawaii volunteers spent time in the classroom with local students, exploring lesson plans that cover the difference between needs and wants, how to create a budget, and the importance of saving for the future.

As part of the Teach Children to Save curriculum, Bank of Hawaii volunteers also encourage parents to extend the financial lessons to the home, including:

  • Setting the example of a responsible money manager by being a conscientious spender and an active saver,
  • Talking openly about money and encouraging children to ask questions, and
  • Explaining the value of saving and budgeting, and the consequences of not doing so.
Each year, Bank of Hawaii joins American Bankers Association to provide financial education programs and resources, which also include Get Smart About Credit, in October, which allow bankers to connect with students to further their financial education.