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Slippers, Shaka and Spam Musubi

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bank of Hawaii introduces the state’s first set of local emoji


HONOLULU, HAWAII – There’s a new smiley-face emoji – and you can only get it through Bank of Hawaii’s new app, Hawaiimoji.

From smiley faces with pink plumerias to an aloha shirt to a surfboard and ‘ukulele, Bank of Hawaii introduces the first locally inspired set of emoji. Compatible with Android and Apple smartphones, the Hawaiimoji app features 25 emoji and four animated gifs, and includes built-in social media access for Facebook and Twitter. Users can also share Hawaiimoji via text and mail, as well as copy and paste them.

“Hawaii is such a distinctive place, with a lexicon all its own,” said David Oyadomari, Bank of Hawaii’s senior executive vice president of Alternative Channels Division. “We saw an opportunity to take our most beloved cultural references and make them digital. Emoji has become the universal language for communicating, and we hope that our local emoji will enhance digital discussions in a way that shows love for Hawaii and all that our islands represent.”

Hawaiimoji is a one-stop app for local emoji—spam musubi, the humuhumunukunukuapua‘a, loco moco, and the time-honored shaka are also include in this first wave of emoji. Additionally, a “Welcome to Tomorrow” animated gif was created in conjunction with the bank’s latest television commercial of the same name.

Hawaiimoji is currently available for download through Android and Apple app stores. Bank of Hawaii will continue to create additional images that represent Hawaii culture.