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Bank of Hawaii Foundation Announces Inaugural Scholarship Recipients. Twenty-six children of Bank of Hawaii employees awarded scholarships

Thursday, July 31, 2014

HONOLULU, HAWAII –  Bank of Hawaii Foundation awarded 26 scholarships to children of Bank of Hawaii employees totaling $91,000 through its new Bank of Hawaii Foundation Scholarship Fund at a special awards celebration on Tuesday, July 22, 2014.

The Bank of Hawaii Foundation Scholarship Fund was established at Hawaii Community Foundation in January 2014, to offer scholarships to the children and grandchildren of Bank of Hawaii employees and encourage their pursuit of undergraduate studies in any field at an accredited college or community college. Hawaii Community Foundation will annually select the Bank of Hawaii Foundation Scholarship recipients.

“We really want to do something to help our colleagues build a better future for their families, and that’s the reason why Bank of Hawaii Foundation developed the scholarship program for Bank of Hawaii employees’ children and grandchildren. The 26 students inspire us, in terms of their purposefulness, achievements and dreams,” said Peter Ho, Chairman, Bank of Hawaii Foundation.

The 2014 scholarship recipients will pursue a higher education in various areas of study, including business and accounting, engineering, medicine and the arts and sciences, at a variety of educational institutions throughout the State of Hawaii and the East and West coasts.