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Bank of Hawaii Launches Online Mortgage Account Management Center

Friday, July 11, 2008


The service will be free for all Bank of Hawaii residential loan customers.  The only requirements for the service are Internet access, a web browser, and a valid email address.

“Customers are always looking for added convenience and fast service,” said Lee Moriwaki, senior executive vice president and mortgage banking division manager. “The Mortgage Account Management Center offers all of that. It’s designed to be as easy to use as online banking, and will set the standard here in Hawaii.”

Customers will be able to view their mortgage loan summary, posted transactions, taxes and interest paid year-to-date, escrow account information, and amortization schedule based on their original loan balance.  In addition, they can print year-end statements and IRS Substitute Form 1098 for income tax returns.

Bank of Hawaii Corporation is a regional financial services company serving businesses, consumers and governments in Hawaii, American Samoa and the West Pacific. The company’s principal subsidiary, Bank of Hawaii, was founded in 1897 and is the largest independent financial institution in Hawaii. For more information about Bank of Hawaii Corporation, see the company’s website, www.boh.com.