Where to find your Current and Available Balances

How much can you spend?

The available balance is the amount available to spend. It does not include any available CoverCheck, Business CreditFlex, Overdraft Protection from Savings or Cash Advantage funds.

Your Current and Available Balances will be accessible through e-Bankoh, Bankoh by Phone, Bank of Hawaii branches, and Bank of Hawaii ATMs and receipts.

What is a Visa hold?

When you use your Bank of Hawaii Visa® Check Card (personal or business), Bankoh Hawaiian Airlines® Visa® Check Card (personal or business) or Bank of Hawaii Black Visa® Check Card to make a Visa purchase (signing for your purchase or for online/internet purchases), a hold for the amount of the transaction is placed on your checking account. This hold will remain in effect until the transaction is presented for payment and charged to your account or up to a maximum of two business days.

Hold amounts may differ from the actual purchase amounts for certain types of transactions:

  • Using your card for a hotel reservation or at check-in, the hotel may place a hold for the estimated charges for your stay. This hold will apply even if you pay your bill in cash or use another debit / credit card when checking out.
  • Gas stations often request authorizations for only $1, no matter the final purchase amount.

It may take several business days for the actual purchase
amount to replace the hold on your account. The hold reduces
your Available Balance. The hold is replaced when the final purchase
amount is deducted from your account. If the hold is not matched with
an actual purchase amount within two business days, the hold is removed
from your account.