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Hawaii’s most convenient bank is now even more convenient! Introducing the Bankoh BankMobile. Upgraded and quicker, the Bankoh BankMobile takes the ATM to you. It’s an off-site, mobile ATM platform that can be placed in non-traditional ATM locations, with the same safe, secure features of any Bank of Hawaii ATM. Convenience is just a swipe away!

It’s new and improved!

  • The Bankoh BankMobile is small to fit in smaller spaces at events.
  • The ATMs are connected to the bank network through a highly secure, digital wireless connection, instead of the old landline-dependent technology.
  • The Bankoh BankMobile has state of the art security features, such as: an ignition kill switch, silent and audible alarms, and a GPS tracking mechanism.
  • The mobile will be at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet, Bank of Hawaii sponsored events, and other scheduled community events. The Bankoh BankMobile will also support banking at places that require occasional ATM access such as at retirement homes, large scale employer sites with no on-site ATMs, and at military events.

A brief history about the Bankoh BankMobile.

  • The original Bankoh BankMobile was introduced in 1992.
  • It was unveiled at the bank’s first major ATM promotion (Triple Game Sweepstakes). Prizes such as cash, cars and trips to Las Vegas were given to lucky winners.
  • It was Hawaii’s first, and only, mobile ATM platform.
  • The original Bankoh BankMobile appeared at major community events such as the 50th State Fair, the Farm Fair, and other local festivals.
  • It was painted gold to allow it to standout at events based on its color.
  • Landline or dial-up technology was used.
  • The old Bankoh BankMobile was retired so that the newest, most secure technology could be used in a new Bankoh BankMobile.

Want the Bankoh BankMobile to come to your event? Email us at