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Pay confidently on the go — right on your Android phone.
Using your Bank of Hawaii Visa® debit card* just became even easier with Android Pay™.

Getting started is simple
Add your debit card to the Android Pay app to start using Android Pay.

Get extra layers of security
Your card details and private information stay safe.


*Available for consumer debit cards issued in the state of Hawaii

Android Pay activation hours of operation: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm (HST) &
Saturday - Sunday 7am - 4pm (HST)

Android device

Now available for select
Bank of Hawaii debit cards

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How it works

Pay with your phone instead of reaching for your wallet
debit cards and mobile device

1. Add your card 

Download the Android Pay app to add your eligible cards. It's as simple as snapping a photo.  

mobile device over contactless reader

2. Pay at participating stores

Just unlock to pay (no need to open the app) and hold your Android phone up to the contactless reader.

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3. Review your transactions

Log in to e-Bankoh mobile banking to view your account activity.



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Frequently asked questions

About Android Pay

Android Pay an easy, secure, and private way to pay, is now available for select Bank of Hawaii consumer debit cards. Click here for a list of eligible Bank of Hawaii consumer debit cards. Android Pay is available on compatible Android devices. For Android device requirements, please click here. Android Pay can be used to pay in stores without swiping your card and in apps without entering payment or contact information. Simply pay by unlocking your device and choose “CREDIT” at any payment terminal that accepts Android Pay. With Android Pay, instead of using your debit card number, a unique token number is assigned upon enrollment, so your information is encrypted and stored securely. When you make a purchase, the token number alongside a one-time transaction code is used to process your payment. Your debit card number is never transmitted from Android to merchants.

1. What is Android Pay?
Android Pay is a service that allows you to pay for your purchases with your compatible Android device at participating merchants by hovering the device near a contactless payment terminal reader (“tap to pay”). You will also be able to make in-app purchases through certain apps.

2. Which Bank of Hawaii cards are eligible for use with Android Pay?
The following Bank of Hawaii consumer debit cards issued for accounts domiciled in the state of Hawaii are eligible for use:
Bank of Hawaii Visa Debit Card
Bankoh Hawaiian Airlines Visa Debit Card
EASE by Bank of Hawaii Debit Card
Bank of Hawaii Black Visa Debit Card.

3. How does Android Pay work?
Android Pay uses tokenization technology, which means that real card numbers are not stored on the device or used for payments. Payment information is encrypted and transmitted using Near Field Communication (NFC) at supported payment terminals, or by verifying your payment through in-app purchases.

4. How can I make a payment with Android Pay?
To initiate an in-store transaction using Android Pay, simply unlock your device and tap to pay on your Android device at the merchant’s NFC enabled contactless reader. The digital account information stored will be transmitted directly to the contactless reader. Android Pay can also be used for in-app purchases for eligible devices. Again, always confirm the transaction on your device to verify your purchase.

5. Where can I use Android Pay? 
You can use Android Pay at any location where you see payment terminals with either of these logos:

contactless payment logos

6. Will Android Pay work at the ATM or gasoline pump?
No. Android Pay will not work with readers that require you to physically insert your card into a slot, such as those found at gasoline pumps and on an ATM. You should still carry your physical cards to use for these situations.

7. Is there a charge to use Android Pay?
No, there is no charge to use Android Pay.
However, messaging and data rates may apply. Please refer to your cellular service provider for details.

8. Do I need to have an active internet connection to use Android Pay?
No, but you will need to connect every so often to refresh the app.

9. Does Android Pay also work for returns?
Yes, if you purchased an item using Android Pay, you can also make a return using Android Pay. Merchants may require you to have the original receipt and the payment information used. Hover the device over the payment terminal to process a return, similar to how you make a payment. You will be asked to match the payment information on the receipt with the last four digits of your digital card number which can be accessed through the Android Pay app.

10. How do I remove a debit card from Android Pay?
Within the Android Pay app, at the top left, click on your name and chose the account you want to remove the debit card from. Double tap the card you want to remove. Scroll down, then touch “Remove card.” Additional steps may be required to verify deletion.

11. If I sell or give my Android device to someone else, what will happen to the digital account information in the device?
When selling or giving away your Android device, be sure to delete all digital accounts in Android Pay. Alternatively, you may reset your device to factory settings to wipe your personal information from it.

12. Is Android Pay safe?
Yes, Android Pay is safe. When you use Android Pay, your Bank of Hawaii debit card number is not stored on your device nor is it given to the merchant. A unique digital code will be created specifically for that device and a one-time transaction code will be generated for each purchase.

13. What if my Android device is lost or stolen?
You can use your Android Device Administrator to lock the device remotely, create a new password and wipe your personal information from it. We also recommend notifying your mobile carrier and contacting our 24-hour Bankoh by Phone customer service center to disable the card from further use at:
In Hawaii: 643-3888
In U.S. Mainland and Canada: 1-888-643-3888
If you locate your device, you will need to add your card back to Android Pay before making any Android Pay purchases.

14. If my Android device is lost or stolen and someone starts using it to make purchases, am I liable for those purchases?
Whether you use a digital account number or a physical card, you are protected against fraudulent transactions. To dispute a debit card transaction, call our 24-hour Bankoh by Phone customer service center at:
In Hawaii: 643-3888
In U.S. Mainland and Canada: 1-888-643-3888

15. Where can I get more information on Android Pay?
More information is available on

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