In order to provide stronger security for your account information and finances, Bank of Hawaii is changing the way you sign on to e-Bankoh® Online and Mobile Banking. Security is a top priority at Bank of Hawaii, and we are continually making updates to strengthen the security of e-Bankoh. This enhancement, in addition to your user name and password, will help protect you by reducing the risk of unauthorized access to your account.

What’s Changing

The main difference you'll notice in the new sign on process is the removal of the personal picture, phrase and challenge questions. In its place, we've implemented some "behind-the-scenes" technology. While these upgrades are not apparent as our previous methods, please be assured that additional layers of security are being applied.

A new password screen will also be presented:

The New Sign On Process

When signing on to e-Bankoh via an unrecognized device (e.g. a rarely used or new computer) or if you are a casual user of e-Bankoh, you will need to take an additional validation step through a phone call or SMS text to your mobile device. If you are presented with this extra layer of security, you can:

  1. Request a call back to your home and/or business number, or
  2. Request a SMS text to your mobile phone.

You will be given a one-time security code to enter prior to signing on. Step-by-step instructions will be provided on-screen should you be required to go through this process. SMS text option is not availalable in Guam, Saipan and Palau.

Accurate phone numbers, with an area code, are required in this new sign on process. To ensure a successful sign on, please review your phone numbers in e-Bankoh and make any updates before June 22, 2013.

To review your information in e-Bankoh, click on “Customer Service” and then “Manage Contact Information.” If you would like to receive SMS text messages for the one-time security code, please be sure to enter your mobile phone number in the “Mobile” field.

Mobile Sign On

When accessing e-Bankoh via any of our mobile apps (iPad®, iPhone®, Android™) or your mobile browser at on an unrecognized device, you will be presented with validation questions that must be correctly answered prior to signing on.

Please note that these validation questions are different from the “challenge questions” you see in the sign on process today.

Please familiarize yourself with the changes and make any needed updates in preparation for the new sign on process. Click here for sign on FAQs.

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