Notice to Homeowners

Bank of Hawaii is committed to listening to homeowners’ thoughts and ideas about their experiences with our foreclosure prevention alternatives process. 

Foreclosure Prevention Alternative Request

Homeowners experiencing financial hardship in making their mortgage payments have several alternatives to avoid a foreclosure. However, sometimes despite our best efforts to help, the outcome is not what was hoped for. If you have a complaint or dispute regarding our actions in foreclosure prevention or any foreclosure action, we have a Customer Care case escalation process that could help. Please visit Your Thoughts Count and complete the online form or call one of our Customer Care representatives at Toll Free 1-855-264-2255.

When you contact us, we promise to:

  • Acknowledge receipt of your inquiry within (3) business days in writing by email or letter
  • Establish a resolution date within (15) calendar days from when we received your inquiry. If we are unable to meet the original resolution date, you will be notified of a new resolution date, but in no case will it be extended for more than an additional (15) calendar days
  • Within (5) days of determining a resolution, we will notify you in writing along with next steps, if applicable
  • If your home is already in foreclosure we will make every effort to expedite the resolution of your case prior to any foreclosure sale