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Opening an Account in e-Bankoh

This feature allows you to open new deposit accounts while you are signed on to e-Bankoh.


You can open a new account and fund it internally using your eligible Bank of Hawaii account. Or, if you have an external account linked to external transfers, you can simply transfer the funds to the new account. However you choose to fund it, the account is opened immediately* and you'll see it in your e-Banking Accounts overview.

Who is Eligible:
State of Hawaii e-Bankoh consumer customers.

Get Started Now:

  • Sign on to e-Bankoh. If you are not an e-Bankoh customer, enroll now.
  • Select the "Open an Account" tab. 
  • Follow the easy online easy steps to open your new account online.






You may open a single account for the following:

  • Free Checking - minimum opening deposit requirement of $100
  • Regular Savings - minimum opening deposit requirement of $300
  • Bonus Rate Savings - Minimum opening deposit requirement of $500

Benefits to opening your new account within e-Bankoh include:

  • You have the ability to order checks and bank cards within the opening account process.
  • If you already established external transfers within e-Bankoh, you may fund your new account using external accounts.
  • You may also fund your new account using your eligible Bank of Hawaii deposit accounts.
*Please note: funds will be held for 4 days when external accounts are used to open the new account.

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General Questions

Q. What accounts can I open through e-Bankoh?
Free Checking, Regular Savings and Bonus Rate Savings

Q. Can I add additional names to the accounts I open?
After the new account is opened, you can request additional names to be added. All you need to do is call us at 888-643-3888 or visit a Bank of Hawaii Branch.

Q. Are the accounts opened immediately?
Yes, the new account will be established immediately and available in e-Bankoh.

Q. How do I fund the new account?
You can choose from two ways to fund:

  • An Internal Transfer using your eligible Bank of Hawaii deposit accounts
  • Transfer from an account at another bank as long as that account is already linked for external transfers within e-Bankoh.

Q. When can I use the funds in my new account?
Internal Funding - If you funded the account internally, by transferring money from your Bank of Hawaii account, you can use the funds immediately.

External Funding - if you funded the account using an external account, the funds are credited to your account on the next business day and will be available after 4-business days.

Q. Will I be able to see my new account in e-Bankoh?
Yes, you will see the new account immediately in e-Bankoh in the Account Overview.

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Q. Who do I contact if I have questions on the account types available to me?
Please call us at 888-643-3888 or visit a local branch bank. You can also find information about account options on our web site at

Q. How do I order checks to go with the new account?
If the new account includes checks, you will be asked if you want checks during the account opening process. Once the account is opened, we will mail a starter pack to you.

Q. How do I order a debit card to go with a new deposit account?
If the new account includes a debit card, you will be asked if you want a new card in the account opening process... Once the account is opened, we will send you the new card.

Q. Can I get the statements be delivered electronically online?
To have make the statements available for online viewing, after your new account is opened,

  • go to the ‘Customize your accounts’ link on the Account Overview page then
  • go to the ‘change statement delivery method’ link and follow the instructions to change your statement delivery method to online.

Q. How do I start?
While signed on to e-Bankoh, go to the ‘Open an Account’ tab and follow the easy steps to open your new account.

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