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Banking services

Bank of Hawaii’s International Client Banking offers our foreign individual and corporate clients a wide range of banking services to meet their financial needs. Our services include:

  • Checking, savings, and time deposit products
  • e-Bankoh Online Banking
  • Foreign currency services, such as deposits and currency conversions

Mortgage Loans for Foreign Borrowers

We also offer our foreign clients various real estate lending programs such as mortgage loans at competitive rates, as well as assistance with property management and bill payment services.

Private Banking and Portfolio Management

Investment and portfolio management products and services including US domestic equities, mutual funds, and annuities.* These strategies are offered in concert with other investment products that provide different levels of wealth creation, growth, and protection.

The Bank of Hawaii investment philosophy emphasizes matching of investment and asset allocation to client's expectations and risk profile, both total return and income objectives, and wealth preservation.

International Commercial Banking

A dedicated International Commercial Banking team works with our foreign and US-based corporate clients to offer them various services including Merchant Credit Card Processing, Depository Account Services, Branch Servicing, Cash Management, Employee and Retirement Benefits, and Institutional Investment Management.

We can provide live foreign exchange rates through Bank of Hawaii traders at competitive spreads. Letters of credits, collections, international drafts will also help corporations with their international business needs.

* Investments are also offered by Financial Consultants, through Bankoh Investment Services, Inc., a non-bank subsidiary of the Bank of Hawaii and member FINRA/SIPC. Financial Consultants are employees of Bankoh Investment Services, Inc. NON-BANK INVESTMENTS: ARE NOT FDIC INSURED • MAY LOSE VALUE • HAVE NO BANK GUARANTEE.

All Bank of Hawaii Product Information, Disclosures & Forms are in English.