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Making a Deposit


Confirming Deposits

General Questions

Who is eligible for Mobile Deposit?

All mobile banking customers with deposit accounts (excluding American Samoa) are eligible for Mobile Deposit.

What types of checks can I deposit with Mobile Deposit?

Consumer customers: We will accept original checks payable solely to you.

Business customers: We will accept original checks payable solely to the Business Name. The Business Name and the name of the Business deposit account must be the same*.

For example, a check payable to: Aloha Ocean, LLC depositing to the business Deposit Account for: Aloha Ocean, LLC dba Ocean Fun would be accepted. Checks payable to the dba name would also be accepted when the dba name is listed on the deposit account.

You should not use Mobile Deposit to deposit the following items:

  • Checks payable to others (even if endorsed over to you)
  • Demand drafts
  • Substitute checks (i.e. paper checks created from an electronic image)
  • Checks that are irregular in any way (e.g. where the numerical and written (legal) amounts are different)
  • Checks that have previously been returned unpaid for any reason
  • Checks drawn on a foreign bank or payable in a foreign currency
  • Registered government warrants
  • Travelers Checks, Money Orders or Postal Orders
  • Checks suspected to be fraudulent or not properly authorized
  • Checks that exceed the maximum daily aggregate limit

Are there limits on the dollar amount and the number of deposits I can submit?

Business and Consumer customers may deposit up to $5,000 per rolling 5 business days.

Customers of The Private Bank may deposit up to $25,000 per day and up to $50,000 per rolling
5 day business days.

There is no limit on the number of checks submitted provided the amounts meet the requirements above.

When do my funds become available for use?

If your deposit was made prior to the Service cut-off time shown below on a business day, your deposit will generally be available for use on the next business day*. To determine if your funds are indeed available, please review your account balances in e-Bankoh Online Banking or via your Mobile App.

State of Hawaii – 4:00 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time (HST)
Guam and Saipan – 12:00 noon. Chamorro Time (ChST)
Palau – 11:00 a.m. Palau Time (PWT)

*A business day is Monday through Friday except U.S. federal holidays

I just opened a new deposit account. When will I be able to make a deposit to this new account via Mobile Deposit?

Mobile banking customers are eligible to use mobile deposit immediately after opening a new deposit account.

I just enrolled in e-Bankoh Online Banking. When will I be able to use Mobile Deposit?

Once enrollment into mobile banking is complete, new e-Bankoh Online Banking customers will be able to use Mobile Deposit immediately.

Making a Deposit

I’ve taken the picture of my check, how do I accept the picture?

After clicking on the camera icon to take the picture, the icon will change to a check mark. If you are satisfied with the image you have taken, simply click on the check mark. If you’d like to retake the image, click on the refresh button (circular arrow) in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will allow you to retake the picture.

How do I endorse my check for Mobile Deposit?

Indicate "For BOH Mobile Deposit Only" and sign the back of your check. Standard ink (gel or ball point pen) should be used to make the endorsement.

Please note - Thick ink pens (e.g., permanent markers and highlighters) are un-readable by our system and will reflect as a missing endorsement.

Can I photograph more than one check at a time?

No, you may only photograph one check per deposit.

What if the check image I photographed is not good enough?

If the image quality is not good enough (blurry or not centered), you will see instructions on screen to retake the image. Once quality images of both the front and the back of the check are taken, the app will allow you to complete the deposit process.


Do I need a certain type of mobile device to use Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is only accessible via the Bank of Hawaii Mobile Banking App, available for download on iPhone®, iPad®, and AndroidTM devices including the Kindle Fire HDTM. AndroidTM tablets require rear-facing cameras with auto focus in order to use the mobile deposit service. For a full list of system requirements related to Mobile Banking, please visit

What type of connectivity do I need?

Mobile devices must have an appropriate data plan that allows the transmission of data over the internet. For a full list of system requirements related to Mobile Banking, please visit

I see that my recent deposit appears in my transaction history in e-Bankoh Online Banking. Why did I not get any emails confirming my deposit was received or approved?

Either the email address you provided during your Mobile Deposit transaction was incorrect or your email service provider may be blocking emails from To verify the address entered during your last Mobile Deposit, sign on to your Mobile Banking App and click “Check Deposit." The email address previously entered will pre-populate.

Why is the processing time to upload a check slow?

The processing speed is dependent upon your device, carrier, device memory, and current connection.

I keep getting a “Check Image Error” while trying to submit my Mobile Deposit. What should I do?

The mobile app conducts a preliminary quality review of your check. Sometimes checks with a non-standard format are interpreted as ineligible. This may include, undersized checks, oversized checks, rebate checks, some counter checks, etc. Ineligible checks may be deposited at a branch or at an ATM that accepts deposits.

It is also possible that the type of check that you are trying to deposit is not permitted for use with this service. For a full list of checks that are not permitted, please refer to the e-Bankoh Consumer Agreement and Disclosure Statement found here: These checks may also be deposited at a branch or deposit-accepting ATM.

I received a “Deposit Interrupted” error message while trying to submit my Mobile Deposit. What should I do?

It is possible that your first attempt at the deposit was transmitted before the error message presented. Before attempting the deposit again, please review your list of recent deposits by signing on to your Mobile Banking App and clicking “Check Deposit.” If the item appears within this list, please do not resubmit the item for deposit. Your deposit has been submitted and you will receive a confirmation email stating that your check has been received. However, if the item does not appear on the recent list, please resubmit the item.

Confirming Deposits

How will I know if my deposit was approved and processed?

Once you submit a deposit, we will provide you an email confirmation informing you that the deposit was received.

After it has been processed, you will receive a second email letting you know if the deposit was “approved” or “declined”
(a declined reason will always be provided).

To determine if your funds are indeed available, please review your account balances in e-Bankoh Online Banking or via the Mobile app.

When do I destroy my check?

Once you receive confirmation that your deposit was “Approved” you may go ahead and destroy the check. Please be aware that the email confirming that your deposit was "Received" is not confirmation of "Approval." Please wait for the confirmation that your deposit was "Approved" before destroying the check. You can confirm approval in several ways:

  • Within the Mobile App, click “Check Deposit” and view your list of recent deposits. Under the amount of the deposit you should see a notation that the deposit was “Approved."
  • Email confirmation will be provided informing you when a deposit was “approved and processed.”
  • The day after your deposit, you can check your transaction history to confirm the deposit was processed.

What is the time frame that I can view my check images within the Mobile app?

Checks deposited through Mobile Deposit can be viewed within the Mobile app for 30 days.

Why do I see some deposited items in the “Recent” list in my Mobile app, but not within my transaction history?

The “Recent” list displays all of your recent deposits. Each deposit will be labeled with SUBMITTED, APPROVED, or DECLINED. Your transaction history viewed through the account activity tab only displays Approved deposits.

My recent deposit has a status next to it. What does it mean?

Submitted means your deposit has been received and is undergoing review. Approved means your deposit has been accepted and you can destroy the original check. Declined means the deposit has been rejected.

Please review the email that was sent to you for more details or you may deposit the check at any branch or deposit-accepting ATM.

I submitted more than one deposit, but only see an approval for one of them. Why?

Deposit processing times and receipt of notifications of decisions for your deposit may depend on the amount of deposits received throughout the day. Please refer to “When do my funds become available for use?” listed above.