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Your financial future is too important to leave to just anyone. You need people you know and trust.
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At Bankoh Investment Services, our Financial Advisors:

Responsible for Over

$2 Billion in assets



local families and businesses

Have an average of

15 years

of experience

*This figure includes brokerage, annuities, and managed accounts.

At Bankoh Investment Services, our team of experienced financial advisors will take the time to get to know you and your financial goals. Then they’ll develop a truly customized financial plan that helps you achieve your dreams.

Because when it comes to long-term financial planning, it’s not just how you get there, but who you get there with.

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Make a plan to have a plan.

  • Plan your savings and retirement strategies
  • Prepare for Major Events/Expenses
  • Protect your future

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Choose the right strategy to build your wealth

  • Grow Your Wealth
  • Manage Tax Efficiencies
  • Protect Your Wealth

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Retire financially secure. Leave a lasting legacy.

  • Secure Your Retirement Income
  • Transfer Wealth to your loved ones
  • Protect yourself Against the Unexpected

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Create a plan that protects you and the ones you love

  • Plan your Savings and Retirement Strategies 
  • Prepare for Major Events/Expenses
  • Protect your Wealth 

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