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Footnotes and Disclosures

1 The Bankoh Home EquityLine introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will be effective for the first 24 or 36 months from the date your new Bankoh Home EquityLine account is opened (the "Introductory Period"). Introductory APRs of 1.00% for 12 months with automatic payments from your Bank of Hawaii personal checking or savings account, and 1.25% for 12 months, without automatic payments, are also available. Offer is valid for qualifying applications received 11/01/17 - 11/30/17. After the Introductory Period, the APR may vary at any time and will be equal to the U.S. Prime Rate, published daily in The Wall Street Journal, plus a margin of 1.00% for a qualifying second lien behind a non-Bank of Hawaii first mortgage on an owner occupied fee simple property if the Combined Loan to Value ratio is < 70%. For introductory APRs provided above, the current non-introductory fully indexed variable APR, as of 10/23/17, is 5.25% for lines with a 1.00% margin. Other fully indexed APRs are available for qualifying applications with margins ranging from 0.50% to 2.00%. In no event will the APR be less than 4.50% or more than 19.00% for properties located in the state of Hawaii and 18.00% for properties located in the territory of Guam. There is a $50 annual fee. Payments to third parties of certain fees, which generally total between $0 and $5,900 for Hawaii ($1,100 - $6,100 for Guam) may be required at closing. Any existing junior liens you may have must be paid off and may be paid by an initial draw from the new line of credit. The initial advance must be $10,400 or more (applicable for Guam only). Property that will secure your home equity account must be located in the state of Hawaii or territory of Guam. You must also maintain fire, hurricane, and flood (if in a flood hazard zone) insurance on the property that secures the home equity account located in Hawaii or fire, typhoon, and flood (if in a flood hazard zone) insurance on the property that secures the home equity account located in Guam. If you have an existing Bank of Hawaii home equity line account, it will not be eligible for this introductory rate, unless (1) your account has been paid off and closed at least 6 months prior to submitting a new application, or (2) your existing Bank of Hawaii home equity line’s draw period is scheduled to end within the next 12 months and a new application is submitted. Certain requirements and restrictions may apply. Subject to change. Loan approval is required.

2 Please see the Consumer Deposit Account Agreement and Disclosure Statement and Bankoh Consumer Electronic Financial Services Agreement and Disclosure Statement and Fee Schedule for Personal Checking and Savings Accounts for terms, conditions, fees, and additional restrictions that may apply.

3 Applicable for applications received 11/01/17 - 11/30/17. Available for new accounts at loan closing only, with a minimum $10,000 draw.

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